ALISON, HD, 2010 (87 minutes)
Alison is the story of a pregnant woman who leaves her husband.

“… a thoughtful and darkly compelling portrait of a woman in crisis — beautifully photographed, bravely acted, and told with a raw, unerring honesty.”
The Mountain Xpress

Starring Lauren Fortuna, Bryan Marshall and David MacDonald.
Written by Paul Schattel and the Alison cast.
Directed and Produced by Paul Schattel

World Premiere: 2010, Los Angeles International Film Festival

Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress: The Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Experimental Feature: The Indie Gathering
Best Experimental Feature: Jamfest Indie Film Festival
Award of Merit: Los Angeles Reel Film Festival

Alison – The Trailer from Paul Schattel on Vimeo.

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SINKHOLE, 35mm, 2005, 91 minutes

“A welcome addition to that most agreeable and fascinating of genres: The paranoid thriller … Sinkhole gets under the skin in a big way.” Film Threat Magazine

‘A country noir highlight.’ Los Angeles Times

“Winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2004 Indie Memphis Film Festival, Sinkhole is the first film to grapple with the personal devastation wrought by the methamphetamine trade. Filmmaker Paul Schattel presents the rural South as it is, not as Hollywood imagines it.” The Arkansas Arts Council

Starring Bryan Marshall, Robin Spriggs, JR Hooper and Kelly O’Neal
Written, Produced and Directed by Paul Schattel

World Premiere, 2004, Dances With Films, Los Angeles. Acquired by Shoreline Entertainment for their Watermark Label for domestic and international distribution.

Best Narrative Feature, Indie Memphis Film Festival
Participant, 2004 IFP, NYC
Best Supporting Actor, JR Hooper,
Best Screenplay, 2004 Visionfest

Sinkhole Trailer from Paul Schattel on Vimeo.


In 1920′s Appalachia, an itinerant mourning portrait photographer terrorizes a family in an isolated town. Genre: Thinking man’s horror.

In development with Belladonna Productions
Written by Paul Schattel and Patrick Greene, Directed by Paul Schattel
Produced by Rene Bastian, Linda Moran, Stephen M. Corbin, Gregor Wilson, Cordelia Stephens

In the woods of North Carolina circa 1920, a grieving bootlegger named Miller hires an itinerant photographer of the dead and asks him to immortalize his recently deceased wife along with his two young daughters. Miller grows suspicious of the Photographer’s macabre demeanor and the locals suspect he possesses an otherworldly life force. Their fears of his twisted motives are exacerbated when, hours later, Miller’s daughter disappears.

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Participant IFP, 2006


A troubled young woman is victim to a violent and disturbing home invasion. When she learns the identity of one of the perpetrators, she decides against all odds to get revenge. Genre: Twisted thriller.

In development through Harrow Beauty Pictures
Written and Directed by Paul Schattel

Coming soon!

(Image based upon a photograph by kI-GA).